On MysidiaHost, we offer free services for installation of Mysidia Adoptables script, and a forum script of your choice(for commercial forum script, you need to provide your license information). This will be done typically within 24 hours after you sign up and order a hosting service(right now only free hosting is available), but you can speed up this process by signing up on Mysidia Adoptables support forum, and PM Hall of Famer about your request. He will handle your request when he is available, so it can be significantly faster. In this case, you can provide your desired username, otherwise the default will be the name of your site(or an abbreviation of your site name). Mysidia's forum can be found at this link below:


If you choose to wait till we carry out the installation service for you within 24 hours, you will receive information of your newly installed sites at your email address(so make sure your email address is valid). Or should you PM Hall of Famer, you will receive the information from a replied PM. Note we do not offer adoptables site and forum script integration service, although manual integration of Mysidia Adoptables and MyBB forum is easy. You may ask any questions about our hosting service and the adoptables script on Mysidia's support forum.

Hall of Famer

Saturday, December 12, 2015

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