Welcome to MysidiaHost! We are a small and growing hosting solution, and we offer affordable and reliable hosting options for users especially clients who use products/scripts from Mysidia.

Mysidia offer four hosting packages, although at this moment only free hosting is available. To use our service, simply go to this page and click 'Order Now' for the very hosting package of your choice. You will then be directed to enter your domain name(yourdomain.mysidiahost.com), and to select additional services you want from us. After all is done, you can check out quickly and enter your credential information to create a hosting account. You will then receive emails regarding the login information for your site, and gain access to client area, cpanel and all other basic functionality of a hosting account.

If you have any questions regarding Mysidia Host, please send a message to Hall of Famer, and he will answer anything you ask.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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